Sunday, July 20, 2008

Arlington - Day 2

Arrived at 8am on Friday - after dropping by the office first. The guys were in the parking lot when I drove up. First comment was on my flip flops. To clarify - not flip flops - they have a wedge heel with a leopard print thong - very trendy and functional.

I was in Arlington to see an small office move that I have been coordinating for about 3 months now. Total user count = 4. This is extremely small - most moves range from 50 - 250 users, but they happen in other parts of the country, so I don't get to see all the technological activities that happen over a move weekend. This was a very small view into what takes place. As I "blogged" yesterday, I got to see the network equipment come up, and the low voltage cabling taking place. Today, I got to see the equipment in the half rack mounted on the wall, lockable, of course, the server equipment plugged in and tested. Unfortunately, the rack for the server equipment will not arrive until Monday, so I won't see the final look of the server room, but there are always pictures. The phone turnup started at 10am. It was successful. I unpacked the phones (all 10 of them -wow) - and the headsets, again all 10 of them. I got to "dress" a desk. This is called "desktop cable mgmt" - which means I got to place a power supply underneath the desk, then drill a plastic tie and velco wrap next to it to hold all the computer cords. This is to keep them from bunching up on the floor. (No, this is not a service I will provide to anyones' home setup). Did you catch the word, "drill" - Sandi with a power tool is a very scary thing.

Lunch time was at Steak and Shake. I have only eaten there once, and that was going through the drive thru. I did not know that their dining room required you to be seated by a waitress. A lot classier than I thought. I also didn't realize that all their burgers are 2 patties.. man, there goes my diet. Everyone got milkshakes... which looked delicious, but thankfully for me, I could resist.

So, I missed Michael Irvin being dropped off before lunch. He was already in the elevator when I heard he was in the building. The office I was in - was on the first floor - with windows so you can see the front door - but the cube I was sitting it was very high - and I couldn't scope out the people walking by. I apparently missed when he left, and I also missed Nate Newton. Dang it!!! One of the guys was actually in the bathroom with Irvin at the same time. Weird, I know, but it's the truth.

So, the movers arrived at 6pm. Left about 7:30pm. I headed home about 9pm. Got home at 10. Never got to see a radio star.. Not sure what I would have done if I had.. would I say "hi", would I ask for an autograph, or would I just "gawk".. or stalk from a far... like I did during the 2 times I saw Troy Aikman. We'll never know.

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