Friday, October 17, 2008

My New Doo!



Ok.. I was hoping to post pictures of me when I lose more weight, but getting my haircut last night proved to be pretty "climatic". I've been struggling for several weeks on how to have my hair cut & colored - and made the mistake of not having a clear vision when I went to Jeannine, my hair dresser, last night. My hair was pretty over-processed, but I didn't want to go completely dark. According to Jeannine, the trend is to go darker. I told her I still wanted highlights, so we compromised with the "Lisa Rinna" look. I thought we were discussing color only, but apparently, she captured the "length" too. (Now if she could have just captured her body and lips, I might be ok with that!!! ) I didn't leave Jeannine feeling like a movie star like I usually do after a haircut. I got home and just couldn't get over how short. I wasn't expecting this much to get cut off. When I was getting ready for work this morning, I just couldn't adjust to it. I cried all the way to work. I had to call my friend, Yvette, just so I could calm myself down before going into the office. It's funny that I felt I lost a part of myself with my hair gone. What a big baby I was being!!! Anyway, I got to work early. I usually get in at 8:30am, usually the last one so it's like I'm making a grand entrance. We sit in an open low cube environment, and it's mostly guys, with 3 girls including me. A couple people noticed immediately and assured me that it's the best haircut EVER. That it looks classy not mousey. So, the tears have stopped. Now, I have something else to worry about.. like how my new Norma Kamali black long sleeve shirt says "Organic" on the front - and someone asked me if it said "Orgasm"... so as I was walking around the Plaza at lunch time - I noticed people looking at me - first I thought - it's my new classy doo, but no, they are trying to read my shirt to see if it says "Orgasm" ----- there goes my class!

(Link to the Norma Kamali Shirt)


christyrose said...

I love the new color, it makes the new lenghth look stylin!

too funny about the shirt

heyjendaily said...

I love the new cut

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