Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cowboy Injury Update

So, when my dad called me at 10:30am Monday morning, I was surprised. I just saw him last night, and couldn't imagine what he had to say. I thought he was joking with me when he told me that Tony had broken his pinky and that he'd be out for 4 weeks. OMG!!! Seriously????!!!!! Seriously??? I got to break the news at the office with the guys. Of course, they didn't really hear me because it didn't make sense - but they all got online - and confirmed it immediately. Football season just got even more freaking scary than it always was. (Can't Jessie just kiss it and make it better???)

Not only is Tony hurt, but Matt McBride broke his foot. He's probably out all year. Sam Hurd is hurt, Felix Jones is hurt, Anthony Spencer out. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY 'Boys????

The highlight of this past football weekend is that the Redskins and the Giants got BEAT!

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