Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 CMA Awards

I haven't been up to speed on the latest in Country Music. I was surprised to see that not only is George Strait is still around but still winning awards. Carrie Underwood is amazing. She's not the same small town Oklahoma girl from American Idol. She's a true star. Wow, Brookes and Dunn are still around too - Reba sang with them. I'm not a big Reba McIntire fan, but she rocked. Emmylou Harris has been inducted into some country music Hall of Fame - I've been a fan of hers since the 80's. Never really paid much attention to Brad Paisley - but he's great! James Otto is cool too. Taylor Swift won my heart with her new "Love Story" song. I used to be a big Kenny Chesney fan - but not so much anymore.(and I think he was high when he performed tonight, but that's just my opinion). Alan Jackson still has it though. I'm somewhat done with Jewel too. Apparently, she's country now that she's married into country. She's the Mary Kay spokesperson - and I just don't care for her much. I think it's from Nashville Star - she was a little too self-important.

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