Texas Ice

Is a bad, bad thing ! I apologize to my faithful followers for not posting anything since Monday. Unfortunately, I had a "little" accident during "icey" road conditions on Tuesday morning. See attached article - while my name is not mentioned - I'm in the accident where "airbags were deployed", and I was the one taken to Presbyterian Hospital in Rockwall with a broken leg. I am home and doing ok using a walker. I will blog more soon.. and of course, I have pictures!!!


P.S. Car is totalled.. and unfortunately, NO, the Nickelback CD did NOT eject when the airbags were deployed.


christyrose said…
I hope you feel better soon!
Ruthie said…
oh Sandi... I was so very sorry to hear about your car accident & broken leg. I hope that you have a safe & quick recovery. Our prayers are with you!

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