Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mistress of Spices Theme

The "drink" table
The "dining" table

I bought tons of bracelets and placed them all over the "dining" table. We all sat and the table long after lunch and "played" with the bracelets while talking to each other.

This is the "italian wedding cake" made by my Aunt Mary. It's not "indian" but that's ok because it's CAKE.. and we LOVE cake...

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take pictures of all the "indian" food on the kitchen island. Oh my gah.. there was so much food too. It was a true "India Palace or India Garden" buffet.
So try to envision -
grapes, cheese and crackers
plain pita chips
flat bread
jalapeno cheese dip
jalapeno cheese squares
yogurt dip
sweet potato chips
spinach paneer
cherry almond salad
chicken tikka masala

Each person was assigned a "spice" and asked to bring something that included their spice.

Kathy "Ginger" Spice brought Ginger Ale.
Dixie " Cinnamon Spice" brought cinnamon roll sticks
Wendy "Chili Pepper Spice" brought 3 dishes (show off) - spicy hummus, jalapeno cheese squares, and jalapeno dip
Shelby "Curry Spice" went in on the indian food with me - everything had curry in it.

The best part of all - I got to use Pandora Internet radio - love it - I created a "radio station" based off a song from "Slumdog Millionaire" - and it just kept playing songs of the same genre. It was awesome.

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nanal said...

Sandi........the house looks certainly seem like the " hostess with the mostess "........sounds like the gathering was a roaring success.........any talk about the book ?......just kidding ! Sounds like all.......had a great time !........peace and love,.......Norma

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