Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black & White Cake Balls

I made these for the "goodie bags" for Wendy's 40th birthday party on Saturday.  Using Betty Crocker cake mixes, I used "White" and "Triple Chocolate Fudge ". I baked them separately in 13x9 pans.  Once they were done, in separate bowls,  I immediately mixed the "white" cake with vanilla frosting and the "triple choc fudge" with chocolate frosting.  I rolled the white cake into balls first, then went back and rolled the chocolate balls and "mushed" them into the white balls creating the "black and white" cake ball.  Then, I dipped them in pink vanilla melts, and when I ran out of that, I used white vanilla melts. This was pretty labor intensive (I was covered in chocolate from head to toe), so I also ended up with some all white and all chocolate cakes balls.  These went into the freezer along with the remaining black & white to be "dipped" another day. 

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