Bringing Bundt Back...

I do not know about you, but I have about 3 different style of bundt pans that I hardly ever use.

I made this cake the other day with a pan a friend gave me recently when she moved.
Something about a bundt cake that brings back good childhood memories.
(yes, I believe this dates me a little bit)
I do not think I've ever had a bad bundt cake.
(well, except the time that I just mixed all the ingredients in one bowl creating a very dense cake which I do not recommend - when EVERY baker knows you mix the wet ingredients separate from the dry before mixing them all together GRADUALLY )

I even received one this year for my birthday back in March from

The fun thing baking a bundt cake - is praying and hoping that when you turn it over,
the cake comes out flawlessly without sticking!

Cooking Tip: Coat pan with butter or spray it with PAM, then dust it with dried cake mix instead of flour.


Anonymous said…
Well, well, well.
It's the RED BUNNY hits the PANNS!
And that's with SUGAR and " childhood".
Physicians do like to OD for profits in EF.
That's what THE ROCCE is saying wih his bro- Dana.
And it seems so is DOT- SEACREST!
And then here comes RICK the PRICK in DICCE CHENEY torture.
Not looking very " brave" warrior.
Especially since OSIRIS has BEDGOSTS.

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