Wine Snob Confession #3

So, remember how I said I sometimes buy wines because of their names?

Check out Snoqualmie's Naked

I bought it not only for the name, Naked, but the fact that it's organic!


unfortunately, didn't like the taste at all!

It tasted raw and unfinished...
I have tried other Snoqualmie wines in the past and liked them. So, it could just be this varietal.  (Look, I am a wine snob - I know the lingo!  )

The best organic wine I've tried so far is from the Bonterra winery.  (I say this like I drink organic wines all the time when in reality, this is the only other organic wine I've tried)
You can find their wines in most markets.
I highly recommend the Merlot and the Chardonnay.


Meg said…
i definitely pick wines because of their names, and whether i like the label (haha). but i have to remember to start writing down whether i like them or not, so that i know whether to go back to it next time!

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