Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight Trilogy - The "Pre" Party

Remember when I received Edward in the mail?

Misty and I planned a little party
before we started
the 6 hour movie marathon to see
Twilight, New Moon &

Check out our "black" carpet sprinkled with roses
Edward is waiting...

We prepared a "make your own mini pizza" bar
with a caesar salad

Nothing like eating roasted garlic
before a 6 hour movie marathan
with 8 of your closest friends

These glasses were dipped in blood
(mixture of karo syrup & red food coloring)

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
with vanilla ice cream topped with blood
(just kidding - it's raspberry)

Of course these wines
were bought
(at Central Market)
for their names
Red was just ok
 First Love was very good

This is a dark red champagne
It was yummy

Misty put these 6 hour movie survival bags together
(can you see the 5 hour energy drink in there? it really worked)

The movies were great!

I've seen Twilight 4 times now. 
I've seen New Moon twice
Eclipse was awesome

Now off to plan the Breaking Dawn party...

...Part 1


Ana Goncalves said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate what you enjoy, by having a party with your friends. The theme is great, and it shows you all have passion and thoroughly made it so that you could enjoy yourselves. That is truly inspirational. Hope you have many more to come. (Stopping by from SITS) Hope you are well and having a super day!

Wendy Flatt said...

Y'all did an amazing job!!! And I hope the movie lived up to your expections. I'm seeing it this weekend!!

Rosie said...

what a great idea! great job!

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