Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting Organized

Who can relate to this picture?

Doesn't everyone have a cabinet or drawer filled
with plasticware in every shape and size?

Every time I open the cabinet, something falls out
I have it so full of bowls and lids
that I can never find
the right lid
for the right bowl
at the right time

Anyone feeling me out there?

Well, I pulled all that out
(2 boxes of stuff I never used)
I'm starting fresh

I bought this Rubbermaid set at Costco
(I even had a coupon)

It's even BPA free

Look how pretty
Let's see how long it takes me
to lose these lids


Kim said...

Yes, absolutely I have stuff fall out all the time and can't ever find the right lid- good luck with your organization.

Wendy Flatt said...

I have some of these at home that people left at the office and "accidentally" made it home with me...after a reasonable period of time, of course! They're my favorite ill-gotten gains!

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