Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chocolate-Red Wine Cake

Chocolate-Zinfindel Port Cake

About a year ago, I clipped this recipe
out of

I was meeting my friends
for a birthday dinner
at our favorite winery

I was assigned dessert
so I decided to try this recipe

I wanted to use something from the winery

So, I used this Zin Port
since it goes well with chocolate
What a kick 

The recipes says to sprinkle with powdered sugar
I thought it needed this chocolate glaze


Anonymous said...

The outcome of your cake looks absolutely delicious Sandi. Seems your instinct about using a glaze instead of powdered suger was right on the money. So......don't be shy. What were the comments on your yummy looking cake ? Fabulous I bet ! Any left ?.........love ya....Norma

janae brooklynn said...

Chef Sandi Lynn, you have another winner!

Can't wait to try this one.

Shelly Gregory said...

NOW you're talking my (appetizing)language! YUMMY!