Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Book Signing

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 - 6pm.
My very first book signing!
Ree Drummond, who has a blog called "The Pioneer Woman" -
is signing her new book
"The Pioneer Woman Cooks"
@ Borders Bookstore
off Preston and Royal.

This is me waiting. She is to appear at 7pm.
There wasn't even a line or anything when I purchased the book and received my bracelet.
So, how naive of me to think that this might take a hour or maybe 2 tops!
See Ree? Can't you see her? She's standing there with her hand's together - in black..
I know.. I need a new phone.. iPhone does NOT have zoom.
This is a lovely cookbook. She has a great sense of humor, and takes fabulous pictures.

... this is the reward.. which I am glad.
I didn't take a picture with her because I was looking like a soggy dog by midnight.

Boy, did I learn lessons...

Lesson #1: Call the bookstore and find out the specifics.  In this case, they were giving out bracelets early in the day - which was the way to go, because by the time I got there at 6pm and got my bracelet, I was #400. No wonder there wasn't a line.   There were 800 people in line to get their book signed.  I got my signed at midnight, and there were people there until 1:30 in the morning.

Lesson #2 :  Be prepared to wait and wait and wait.  Dress comfortably, bring snacks.. and make sure you bring someone with you that is equally as interested.  (I brought my co-worker since we commute together.  She had never heard of the Pioneer Woman - but figured it's a book store and she'd find stuff to do - again with the mindset that it'd be 2 hours MAX.. not 6 !!! )

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