Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fresh Eat Pray Love Fragrance Collection

Fresh launched these new fragrances today in anticipation of the
Eat Pray Love movie featuring Julia Roberts
opening on August 13th 

 This movie is based on the book
by Elizabeth Gilbert that I recently mentioned here

Each one ounce scent will retail for $32,
while a darling travel-sized candle collection
of all three scents will be $45

 All items will be available in
Fresh stores

(I'm actually heading out to the Fresh store today @ Northpark to check them out! )

P.S.  Just got back from Fresh.
I love them all.   Love is my favorite, then Eat, then Pray.
The fragrances can be blended together
The candles smell fabulous!
I wanted to buy it all
but only
I bought the fragrances


Paris Pastry said...

They're making candles out of it? How clever! Have you read the book?

SimplySandi said...

Yes, there are candles. They smell awesome! I have read the book! I loved it.

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