Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty please with a bow on top!

anyone have a son out there?
well, mine is 24
I asked him to stop 
buy me some deoderant
on his way home from work
It just happened to be my birthday!
isn't he thoughtful???
He will make someone an awesome husband some day


Wendy Flatt said...

Hilarious!! The ultimate test, though, is whether he will stop for FPP's (feminine protection products). I knew my husband was a keeper when he showed no fear in doing so...which is more than I can say for me!!

Anonymous said...

What a great sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Well.....I've MET your son and yes......he will indeed.....make someone an awesome husband !!!! I happen to think he will have no problem getting FPP's if needed. Yep.....he's a keeper ! Hope your birthday was a great one !......LY.....Norma

'LUSH' said...

I have been tied up and not able to visit this past week! I am soooo glad I finally made it back! I absolutley love this post! I have three sons and these wonderfully crazy moments happen all the time! It's just so funny how they can put things together in their heads! I am just tickled for you!(Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday!)

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