Thursday, June 9, 2011

Williams Sonoma Technique Classes - June & July Schedule

Here's the Williams Sonoma schedule
for June & July

If you go to the Williams-Sonoma
in Plano
off Park and Preston

They hold their free technique classes
on Saturday's at 9:30am

I think all other locations hold theirs on Sundays


Sunday, June 12
Our travels continue to Memphis, Tennessee, a region renowned for its barbecued ribs. In the second class of our series, we'll discuss dry rubs and show you how to turn out tender ribs and infuse foods with enticing smoky flavor. Then we'll round out the menu with some delicious regional sides.

Sunday, June 26
Our final class in the series showcases Kansas City and Texas—both famous for their beef brisket. Learn how to combine wet and dry rubs as it's done in Kansas City, and how to produce succulent, juicy meat in the Texas style. We'll also discuss popular ways to serve barbecued brisket.

July Technique Classes

Sunday, July 10
A bowl of homemade ice cream is a refreshing summer treat that will delight kids and grown-ups alike. We'll show you how to create tempting flavor combinations, along with other irresistible frozen favorites like sorbet and ice pops. What better way to cool down on a hot summer day!

Sunday, July 17
When it comes to salads, the vibrant combinations of fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, meats and dairy are endless. In this class we'll deconstruct the salad, discussing the types of greens available and how to pair them with other ingredients to produce starters, side dishes and even main courses. You'll learn to prepare a variety of dressings, along with make-ahead salads that are great for picnics and barbecues.

Sunday, July 24
Farmers' markets across the country are in full swing, providing the perfect inspiration for the home cook. We'll discuss fruits and vegetables commonly found at the market, how to select and store them, plus creative ways to transform the season's bounty into simple yet delicious summer meals.

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