Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY - Canvas Art

My neice just turned 9 years old  
For her birthday,
she came over on Saturday
to spend the night.

After a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby,
we tried our first arts and crafts project.

We bought 2 different size canvas
They each had 2 in the pack
We each had an 8x10
 an 11x14 canvas

Of course, all inspiration came from Pinterest
Where else ?

 We just kind of "winged" it
We had the following:
acrylic paints
paint brushes
mod podge (sparkly)

My neice embraced the project with full force
She knew what she wanted to say
She knew exactly the colors she wanted to use
Me on the other hand..
Not so much...
I used copper & brown to match my room
I first started with a cute saying
but couldn't really commit
So, I just put random letters on after I painted the copper
Then I painted "expresso" over them
Then I wasn't thinking, and I peeled off the letters...
So... I had to improvise and paint gold over the DREAM letters
looks like it was meant to be that way, right???

This is both of our attempts of doing hearts.

I say for our first attempt at being artist,
we did pretty good...
since they are just going to hang
in our rooms for us to see

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