Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Christmas Bundt Cake

Red & Green Bundt Cake

Red and Green Swirl Christmas Bundt Cake
This is one of the desserts I served Christmas 2014

I used a white cake mix.
I beat the ingredients based on the box directions.
I separated the mixture into 3 separate bowls
Mixed one with green gel coloring
Mixed the other with red gel coloring
Left some white

I poured the white mixture into the bundt pan first
then layered the green inside the white
then the red inside the green

I will admit that I seem to have trouble
getting bundt cakes to come out "clean"
in the traditional bundt pans
The bundt pans that have more detail
I seem to not have a problem
I think I get impatient and try to remove it too soon before it's completely cool

So, what you cannot see if that this cake didn't come out clean
It separated
I was initially going to just use a powdered sugar glaze
but that did not hide my mistake
So, thanks to pinterest
I found a solution
White "whipping frosting" in the can
I separated it out into 2 bowls
Added green gel coloring to one
Then red gel coloring to the other
microwaved them "separately"
and "ta da"
It looked amazing
and no one was the wiser 

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