Monday, July 20, 2009

Access Denied!!!

I have guests in from Chicago. I was feeling so proud to be the "perfect hostess" by taking them to the newest attraction D/FW has to offer. The brand new Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. We looked online, and you can't book ahead of time - you just show up. Tours start at 10am, and while we did get a late start, thought we had plenty of time. We got there about 11am, and the tours were already SOLD OUT. It was so devastating. My "perfect" hostess hat totally deflated.
Of course, we came all that way, so we HAD to shop in the Pro Shop. Surprisedly, prices were not that outrageous. I actually got a tank top that says "I love the Dallas Cowboys" for 9.99, a recycle bag for 1.99, and a plastic beer mug with lights for 12.99.
Determined to not lose my "Perfect" hostess card forever, we are going to try to go again on Tuesday morning before my guests head back to Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

Go Skins!!!!

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