Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Placemats for All Occasions

I got these Fall placemats @ Kirkland's
about 3 years ago

I didn't really have a plan for them
Just loved the color and the detail

Who knew that they would start a holiday theme placemat collection

I bought these for $1 each @ Dollar Tree
a cut-out placemat theme was born

This year was the first year that I really started
decorating my breakfast table for each season
so when I saw these in pink
I had to get them
 $1 each @ Dollar Tree

I didn't stop there

I got these at World Market
for $3.99 each
I couldn't resist

Perfect for Easter

I used the pink tulips for Mother's Day

This is my 2nd favorite
I got these at Marshalls for $2.99 each

I used them for my black and white table
I also plan to use them for my Halloween table

I saved the best for last
I just got these at Pier One
for $1.95 each

I have to say these are my fav-o-rite
If you are new to my blog & do not know how I feel
about all things heart
Click here to read all about it

The hardest part is waiting until February to use these!

The only holiday not represented here is 4th of July
I got my eye out for a cute cut-out flag

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you don't watch it.......soon you're gonna outdo ' Martha ''ll find we'll all have an eye out for you for the perfect placemat for ....the watch out.You're on-a-roll ! Good going.......they look great !..........luv........Norma

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