Monday, March 29, 2010

Cupcake Dessert Plates by Rosanna

I received the cutest plates ever
for my birthday
~so cute that they are featured
on the final Spring Table

~so cute that they deserve
their very own post

Aren't they darling?
I just la-OVE the names 
baby cake
(my fav-O-rite name)
dream cake
(my fav-O-rite cupcake design)
sweet cake
(it's just so dang precious)
doll cake

Rosanna designs the most fab-u-lous dishes
it is my dream
to visit her shop in Seattle

some day


1 comment:

Anonymous said... know I love you know what ? You're a real, ! Those designs are the cutest.....sweetest.........darlingest........sappiest.....I've ever, ever seen ! Who knew you had such a ! { now.....we all do ! } No.....I actually love them too. They bring out the sap in all of us I guess. Thanks for the pics

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