Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Trip

So, on the way to Graham
We had to stop and buy beer
so we stopped here

Doesn't this just scream road trip

Is it wrong that it wasn't even 10am, 
and we were trying to buy beer? 
Well, the store didn't open until 10,
so we had to mosey on over to this place next door
for breakfast.
Finally, beer store opened...
check out the parrot
"polly want a keg?"

We arrived in Graham about 12ish

We arrived at the party about 1ish
Check out this smoker...
This is some serious BBQ

Stuffed Jalapenos
These were stuffed with cream cheese
 and strawberries

This was my favorite
Cherry pie cooked on the grill
(chuckwagon style)

Can't wait to figure out how to do that for our country Thanksgiving


Unknown said...

OH Yum! The barbecue looks amazing!
Thank you for your visit and following. Following you back!

Helen McGinn said...

Mmm mmm! That looks amazing! xx

Bob West said...

I hope you enjoy my site as much as I have yours. Very interesting!
I am now a follower.
God Bless, Bob West

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