Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zabars - Kate Spade Tote Bag

Kate Spade Tote Bag

Last month, I was reading this article
about Zabar's

I've only been to New York once
back in 1998 for one evening

So, I've never been to Zabar's
but I know it's a place I want to go to when I do 
visit New York someday

So, of course, I simply had to order this 

The bagels are amazing.  I ate one the next day, then put the rest in the freezer.
I still have one left.

I took the Chocolate Babka to a winery with a friend.
It was lovely with red wine and conversation
I am not a coffee drinker, but my son loves it

My 11 year old niece and I shared the NY cookie - so awesome!

The tote is too cute for school...
I love carrying a piece of New York with me to the market

This was so fun that I ordered one for my bestie in North Carolina!!!  

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