Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ironing Sheets

Remember when I went to the Pottery Barn free decorating class?

As I was throwing my sheets in the dryer, I remembered one of the topics discussed

ironing sheets

my question is...

..who does this?

I can honestly say I have never ironed a sheet in my life even though I do have a fresh linen spray in case I should ever get the urge

I love the feeling of taking a nice hot bath, and sliding into a nice warm bed with sheets right out of the dryer.

Apparently, I'm missing out because ironing your sheets makes this experience even more luxurious !

I like the "idea" of sleeping on freshly ironed sheets, but do not like actually being the one to have to doing the ironing.

So, answer this for me .. do you iron your sheets? 


Wendy Flatt said...

Only once, and that's when I had a set of Egyptian cotton sheets that stayed in the dryer for, oh, about a week. I had to iron the top section so that I could fold down the sheets and comforter to make a pretty bed. Since then I've learned my lesson...now I just re-wash them...lol!

jackie fo said...

ha. i have never ironed a sheet... ridiculous!!! i barely make my bed unless we have company. i am 27 - is it okay that i dont make my bed?!!!!

Ruthie said...

Nope. I have never ironed sheets before.

Side note on sheets... I once had a house guest trying to teach me to fold fitted sheets correctly. We spent 20 minutes on this process, because she was struggling with it herself. I finally told her "look, I'm just gonna go up and put them back onto my bed right now, so it's ok that we don't do this" I had NEVER been more irritated over 20 minutes of folding laundry, and I never care to again ;)

simplysandi said...

Ruthie.. you make me smile. Your comment reminded me that I HATE folding "fitted" sheets. I will never be Martha Stewart

lyn said...

i've ironed my sheets. in fact, i just did at thanksgiving before my guests all got here. not my bed of course...theirs. lol

lyn said...

oh btw, ruthie, i just read a great tip about folding sheets. wish i could remember where...anyway you put your sheet sets in one of the pillow cases. that way, all you have to do is grab a pillow case and the rest of its "family" is ther with it. i've been known to lose a pillow case like a sock or not have the clean flat sheet to match the fitted. this trick will solve it. well, if i acutally do it that is.

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