Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!

While in Ft Worth last weekend,
we saw this chapel.
My friend was intrigued by the architecture
Seems appropriate to post today on the beginning of a very spiritual weekend !
Blessings to everyone

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wine Snob Confession #9

Have you tried wines from Cupcake Vineyards?

Of course, I bought this because of the name
it's under $20

Bonus - it's a sparkling rose aka pink
I love sparkling
I ♥ pink

The fact that this is a sparkling Pinot Noir
made it even more enticing
I had to buy it

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


after we laughed and laughed about the quaint
Cowtown Farmers Market

We went to eat at The Cowtown Diner in Sundance Square

Here is the brunch menu

Here's the Thanksgiving Benedict
I think I might have embarrassed Misty when I asked the guy next to us if I could take a picture of his amazing lunch

Here's our drink
Sundance Sunrise
(champagne, lemon, pineapple & strawberry liquer)

 Here's our appetizer
Pigs in a Homemade Quilt
next time you are in downtown Ft Worth
 I highly recommend this restaurant

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cowtown Excursion

For my birthday, my friend, "M" said we could do whatever I wanted..
 I wanted to go to the Cowtown Farmers Market in FT Worth 

Now, you might ask yourself why (and several did) go all the way to Ft Worth when you have a perfectly cool farmers market in Dallas?

Well, did you see the website ? It looked really cool

Here's just a "taste" of what got me excited

Cucumbers: Slicers
Greens: Kale, Mustard
Onions: Green
Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes: Cherry, Red
Winter Squash: Cherry, Red

Artisan Breads & Baked Goods
Coffee (Ground & Whole Bean)
Cut Flowers
Dog Treats
Goat Cheese
Soap & Bath Products

Here's what we found after we found the traffic circle 

you can't see anything?

maybe this one is better
Basically after passing the traffic circle one way
then passing the traffic circle the other way
we finally stayed on the traffic circle
(once we figured out what the traffic circle was)
we thought we had taken the wrong exit once again
then we saw a sign in the parking lot out of the corner of our eyes
(yes, both of us at the same time)

Where is my big nice pavillon?
and rows and rows of vendors?
where's the bread?
Where do I think I am ?
(well, we did have to exit off the traffic circle aka roundabout)

My friend is awesome and loves an adventure
we did buy some jam
cuz that's what we went to the farmers market to buy

good times

stay tuned..
... there's more
(you don't think I'm make someone go to Ft Worth just for a farmer's market, do ya?)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cupcake Dessert Plates by Rosanna

I received the cutest plates ever
for my birthday
~so cute that they are featured
on the final Spring Table

~so cute that they deserve
their very own post

Aren't they darling?
I just la-OVE the names 
baby cake
(my fav-O-rite name)
dream cake
(my fav-O-rite cupcake design)
sweet cake
(it's just so dang precious)
doll cake

Rosanna designs the most fab-u-lous dishes
it is my dream
to visit her shop in Seattle

some day


Spring Table 2010 - Final

Here it is !

I went to World Market this weekend
Found too many great things...
a couple of which made their way to the
Spring Table
like this placemat
(Of course, I bought 4)
these napkins
this wine
wait - that's for another post

Now, these are not from World Market
but they are an addition to the table

These cupcake dessert plates by Rosanna 
were one of my many fabulouso birthday gifts
So awesome they require their very own post
(you might recall me mentioning Rosanna back in the beginning blog days)

She does great tables...

Cinnamon + Sugar Brioche Toast