Friday, November 21, 2008

Scentsy & Pampered

Have you heard of Scentsy Candles? They are "wickless" candles. I suppose you could say one more step towards a "greener" environment - although, I still light real candles with wicks, and I have a duraflame log burning in my fireplace as we speak. But I digress.
Scentsy Candles rock. Don't you just love the light show? Basically, it uses a 25 watt lightbulb to melt "scented" candle wax that comes in bars with 6 divided sections for $5.00 or one pound bricks for $20.00 There are so many scents - it's hard to decide. The wax melts, but doesn't burn your skin. It can be re-used until the scent fades.
For those of you here locally that are looking for something different to give for Christmas, I will be holding a "Scentsy Party" on Dec 7th @ 2pm.
I am combining it with a Pampered Chef party which also has some awesome new stuff - like Bamboo bowls and spoons, a trifle bowl with a separate stand and lid for easy storage and transporting, a mix and chop that rocks, stoneware with 'stoneware' handles not the metal ones, 3 different sizes of ice cream scoopers, an ice cream sandwich maker, and so much more.
You can check out the websites for Scentsy and Pampered Chef by clicking on their names in red above.

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