Test Kitchen - PW's Enchiladas Experience

PW's Beef Enchiladas

This is the first recipe I made out of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.

It was actually at the request of my son!
Test Kitchen consensus - Pretty Good!

I just let the corn tortillas get too soggy when I cooked them in oil and dunked them in the sauce, so they basically disintegrated into the dish - making this an enchilada casserole.

The following week, I have made PW's White Chicken Enchiladas!

I have been on a quest to discover the best Chicken Enchilada recipe.
This one is a keeper.

The last recipe I tried called for flour tortillas... and the "test kitchen" feedback confirmed that flour tortillas are just too thick and gooey for chicken enchiladas.

 I was so excited about this cream sauce, I had to take a picture.
Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the finished product.

If you click the link above the picture, you'll see PW's beautiful picture.


lyn said…
i made her breakfast potoatoes and french "something" puffs last week. BOTH were delish! i can't wait to make more of her recipes!

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