Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Pumpkin Fudge

only requires 1/2 cup - so you might want to find something else to make that has pumpkin in it

This is what it looks like with the first 6 ingredients mixed together before it gets to 234 degrees (soft-ball stage)

This is the soft-ball stage - 234 degrees.
Remove from heat & add

The stickiest stuff in the whole wide world.

I didn't take a picture of the toasted pecans.. they aren't as exciting.
Also didn't take a picture of the pan with all these ingredients post soft-ball stage.
It's hard work, and you have to move fast.
I recommend adding EVERYTHING - marshmallow cream, white chocolate chips, pecans, and vanilla all at once.. then, stir stir stir with a heavy wooden spoon until you can't stir anymore.

CLICK HERE for the actual recipe and a picture of the end result.


lyn said...

i made this last week. mine didn't have much of a pumpkin taste, so i'll have to fiddle around to see if i can somehow add more without jacking with the texture.

SimplySandi said...

I read reviews where people used more pumpkin and it turned out good.

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