Snack Time

Ok. I promise.
This is the last time I will mention my trip to Central Market last week.
I just found so many fun things...

Those of you who know me
(and those of you who have spent anytime on my blog)
know that I love food.

I try to eat healthy
it is just so hard


when I find something healthy, of course, I get very excited

Kim's Magic Pop

they taste like rice krispies

what do you eat them with?

Well, I'm still trying to figure it out

I like them plain

 At Central Market, they served them with the lemon wasabi sauce
I shared with you earlier in the week

they also go well with queso
(which probably takes away from the healthy aspect, but velveeta is 1/3 less fat than cheddar cheese)


I love great markets, so I totally understand. I'm a huge snacker - could live on carbs alone, I'm afraid. Trying to increase the protein, but ugh - would rather have crackers, thank you.
Thanks for visiting yesterday. So glad you're enjoying the feng shui posts.

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