Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dimples Cupcakes - Grand Opening

On Friday after work, some friends and I went to
Dimples Cupcakes  - Grand Opening
One Arts Plaza off Routh Street

Free wine and a free cupcake

What an awesome way to start of the weekend !


Deb said...

You can't beat FREE cupcakes and booze! You go some very interesting places in your part of town. Makes me want to load up and drive over to Dallas for the day. Maybe once it cools down...

Paris Pastry said...

Free cupcakes?! Wow! Is this the place where you had a banana cream pie cupcake? I never thought they would convert that into a cupcake-flavor.

SimplySandi said...

It was a banana pudding cupcake, and this is the place that has the best! I'd love to convert banana cream pie into a cupcake.. that would be YUMMY

Janae Brooklynn said...

This is a must when we come to Dallas. Want to try the banana pudding cupcake for sure.

Dimples has a nice website, as well.

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